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Hello Gents,

I am in a bit of trouble here. I've had a G&P Defender/turned MK18 for several years now as my main primary. I've always done my own tech work or worked with a friend to do tech work, and I know my way around a gearbox fairly well. Recently I decided to rebuild my gearbox and go for a moderately high rof build (mostly for trigger response on semi-auto). The parts list is as follows:

Lonex 8mm bearing shell
Lonex Tappet plate/trigger plate
SHS 16:1 high speed gear set
Lonex A1 Motor
Lonex cutoff lever
Team Work aluminum ported piston head
TW reinforced piston
TW aluminum cylinder head
Lonex shim set
Lonex air nozzle
Madbul m120 spring
Stock G&P spring guide
G&G Blue cylinder (pulled from a CM m4)
Stock barrel, but its flat-hopped
Prowin hopup

GB shell has been radiused, AOE adjusted accordingly, shim job using the bevel-to-pinion method.

I get good compression with this combo, as soon as the piston passes the port in the cylinder I cant push it in much farther even with the air nozzle in place. But when I put everything together and test fire, my BB's (EF .28 Bio) barely make it 50 feet. I can still adjust the hop-up and the trajectory changes accordingly, but my FPS is so low it doesn't affect it much. I'm guessing it has to do with something between my air nozzle and the hopup but I don't know what to do. I'm kinda at the end of my technical knowledge of the gearbox and I don't know how to solve this kind of problem. A friend suggested switching my bucking but that didn't affect it at all.

Any help would be appreciated.
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