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Which do you think is better all out of box.
All around.
All out coolness.

So basically which is better. Just a little forum war here.
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Not really a necessary thread, what are you talking about? AEGS? M-variants?
Oops sorry about that. I just want to know. I`m have this really hard decision for me and my friend we are wondering wheter to go down the path of G&P or KWA. So thats the true reason and to see everyones opinion and why.
Well, out of the box, it's possible that the KWA will preform a little better than the G&P. The rates of fire will be about the same, but the KWA will have a slightly higher fps.

Now, that is greatly overshadowed by the difficulty of upgrading KWA guns. By all means, if you ever even think you will be upgrading the gun, even in the littlest way possible, get the G&P.

Also, the G&P has much better externals than the KWA does, Much better...
Thanks Starfolder. I actually heard the G&P gets a lot faster rof than the KWA being like 26 on a really good 9.6v over 26 rps on a lipo for KWA
Anyone have anything to add?
That woudl be the KWA's higher fps. They are both great brands with great externals and great internals but G&P is at least one notch ahead in both.

I'm getting a KWA tomorrow :) (Got a good deal on it)

Oh and if you are making a DMR out of it KWA's shells pretty much all crack in certain places. So that would have to be eventually replaced.
How would you replace for something better if KWA shells are proipertery.(Yes I forgot how to spell the word and autocorrect is not helping.)
Anyone else have something to say about G&P and KWA?
My experience has been pretty much what everybody has said. The KWA is a perfect gun if you want to keep it stock. It shoots nicely out of the box and has decent externals.

The G&P has excellent externals and still shoots pretty well, but seem like a better platform for upgrades.

Sounds like you are looking for a platform to turn into an upgraded DMR, so I would go with G&P unless you can get a great deal on a KWA that you can't pass up.
Thank you wesley for you input. Does anyone else have anything else they want to add.

I just bought a G&P
YAY! Congrats. What did you get and whats your project for it?
New hop up rubber, spring, fix up contacts and add an AFG forward grip, magpul stock. QD suppressor and an EOtech. It's a Vltor sentry G&P. (Borat voice) It's very nice.
Going to make a tacticool rifle. That sounds really cool.
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