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G-spec Scout, and parts

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Well guys while I am working on my real steel rifle, I am wanting a new scope for her to really pull off the look. So I am needing to unload some things so I can afford new glass :D

Here is an over view of the odds and ends that I have as of right now.

Starting in the upper left corner....
Motorola radios with base and one ear mic. $50
Moving down
I have a V3 gearbox that is in parts. I believe I have all of the parts, as well as the unfinished internals for the KUBA engine $40

I haven't gone through all of the scopes but I do know that they are all variable power except for the foliage green one at the bottom. $30-50 I will see what I can't find for rings for them as well.

To the top down now.....
Scope is a BSA target scope. I will check the exact details for potential buyers, I paid around $350 or so for the scope, and would be willing to sell it for $150 with rings.
Random barrels
These are from a variety of different rifles not sure of the ID but if you are looking for something for a project these are good for that. $5 each, $8 for the one with the hop chamber on it
Suppressor set for rifle. This was on the G-spec that I got, and quickly removed it. The suppressor does have a deep cut at the end where the previous owner tried to remove the orange part. It has the internal thread part for the suppressor to screw into. $20
PEQ Box, not much to say but brand new and only used for pics $10
Fore Grips, these are missing the screw and nut that holds them onto a rail system. Each one does have a push button to allow them to fold. The tan grip will either be down or closed, while the green has a 45* position.
Pneumadyne valve, this was going to be the valve I was using for my KUBA build that never came to be. Brand new and never taken out of the package! $25

Back up to the upper right side now
Stock motor for Ares SL9, attaches to the V3 gearbox, has micro switch attached to wires as well. $20
UTG bipod $10
M4 plastic hand guard $15
M16 A1 hand guard ( has metal heat shield inside ) $15
Large Box mag for M4 ( manual loading ) $20
Vector optics 4.5-9x50mm ( can double check details for serious buyers ) I paid over $200 for the scope and would like to see $150 with rings.

G-spec scout rifle

I am not sure what the base rifle was when I got it. I was told that it was a JG G-spec, but when I got her in my hands I found out it wasn't. But what ever it is I did my usual things to it and she is a great rifle.
Internally I installed..
Laylax PSS10 120SP Spring for TM VSR 10 / JG BAR 10 $15
Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Piston for VSR 10 / BAR 10 Series $35
JG 30rd BAR 10 Spring Powered Airsoft Magazine $12 each
( bought two, though rifle came with one, so three in total )
Internally modified
Polished the barrel to a mirror finish
Basic hop mods
Shortened inner barrel a little bit, and did a new crown job
External of the rifle
Shortened the outer barrel
Installed chunk of M4 barrel for the use of 14mm threads
Installed TDC with a scope adjuster for movment
Madbull SureFire 7.5" Quick Detach Barrel Extension $80
Vector Optics short dot $180
Then what ever the cost of the original rifle was, and being as I can't figure out what brand it is, though it is nice.

Figured I would give you guys the first go at these. If you see a few things that you like let me know and we can work something out. If you are going to buy more than one item I will help you out with the pricing. As always shipping will depend on what is bought, if the items will fit they will go in a flat rate box, if you want another type of shipping let me know and we can discuss the costs.

Again any questions guys just ask!
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Can you give the v3 gearbox a look through for me?
I have the shell, the three gears, piston, spring, and motor for sure.

Let me get you some pics my good man.... and check your pm's.

Would be willing to go $330 for the rifle, and an additional $70 for the scope and the ammo I have for her. I have from .27's - .43's some of which are brand new and have never been opened.


Bipod and Green scope are spoken for. They are on hold until Friday.
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Green scope, V3 gearbox complete, bipod are now sold and gone.
I would absolutely love to get my hands on a sun project M4.

It can be rough on the outside, but as long as the internals are good, that is all I care about.

If anyone has anything like that let me know....I also have a few RC things that I could trade off as well to make the trade more enticing to you.

It looks like I also have the parts to make the G-spec into a full length rifle as well. I do have the outer barrel, as well as what looks to be the correct length inner barrel as well.
Come on guys help a fella out.
Nobody would happen to have an air rig they wouldn't mind trading off do they.
What are the brands and specs on the three remaining scopes?
They are all 3-9, two of them are I believe Bushnells and the other is an RWS.

Here are some detailed pictures of the three scopes. They are all indeed 3-9 power, the top ( RWS ) scope has an illuminated reticule.

RWS ( has basic split cross hairs, meaning there is a floating "t" in the center )

Other two scopes

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Awesome! :) How much for the Bushnell with the fixed objective (second scope shown)?
Scope with mildots was sold....... removed from the thread.
can you let me know how much you'd like for the Pro-sniper outer barrel, and any BAR-10 mags you might have left?
I do have three mags, but I am going to have to hang onto them while I still have the rifle.

Check your pm though.
Willing to swap out either of the larger scopes on on the rifle itself.

If you like either one of them I can put them on the rifle for you.... the top is the BSA and the one on the right is the Vector optics. Both are worth much more than the one is on the rifle now. And the price will stay the same!

If you do buy the rifle I will add in more than a few extra goodies for you as well, and would be willing to take care of the shipping.
May be willing to put up a ghillie or two as well, so if someone is in need of a ghillie let me know.
What size ghillie? I'm interested lol. Let me know something bro.

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Willing to make a sniper package to get this sold!!

G-spec, ghillie ( top and bottom ) and scope all shipped to your door for $325!!

I may be willing to do a paintjob on the rifle as well if wanted.
$225 untill Thursday guys!
What's the FPS rating on that gspec, woogie?
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