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G17 Loading nozzle set (Guarder vs Guns Modify)

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My stock g17 valve blocker and that little screw are very loose and the shootig performance are bad because of that, and I need a replacement, so, I'm in between guarder and GM set. Which one should I shoose?
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I have tried pretty much every nozzle, blowback housing and other parts available for the G series. Choosing the right nozzle depends mostly on the blowback housing and pistonhead used. Also the type of mags used is of importance (TM or WE)

For the WE G17 i recommend the Guarder Enhanced Muzzle (Part number GLK-26) which also doesn't have that annoying tiny screw. I personally use it in combination with a GM blowback housing and stock WE pistonhead, running v2 WE Co2 mags.
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The style of the nozzle ir rounded like the TM , and the valve blocker when is loose, it moves to the piston head, and that's blocking the path of the gas, making the slide not fully cycles

Btw do you mean this nozzle? is it work for the g17? It is a full set? How can be assembled together if it don't use that tiny screw?
I found a this other from cowcow But where is the valve blocker?
Yes it's the nozzle in the link. It's a complete preassembled set. It's very easy to disassemble by pushing out the pin on the side. However the nozzle is flat and not rounded.

The other guarder G17 set (GLK-144) is rounded, however with tiny screw. You could try using loctite, but from my experience it's hard to remove the screw again without damaging it.
Yes, damn you think the cowcow version is the same as the guarder one? It has a pin on the side too
Thanks for all your comments and advices!
I have no personal experience with the CowCow nozzle, but from what i can tell it's compatible with TM mags and uses a pin instead of a screw. I did notice that the hole in which you place the pin sticks out a little. I'm not sure if it will cause problems or will break sooner.

Upgrading is often a gamble because of tight tolerances. For instance both v1 and v2 version of the GM nozzle would not fit properly in my GM blowback housing.

From what i understand you use a TM G17 with TM G17 Mags correct?
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It's a clone of the TM and it has the same rounded shape on the mag rubber and the loading nozzle too, But I have to decide for one of them
I guess the advantage of using a TM style nozzle is that you have more brands to choose from. If you are looking for TM style nozzle without the screw then the CowCow seems to be the only option.

At one point i replaced the gas route seals on the mags, after which i tried many nozzles and matching blowback housings (TM, GM, AIP, UAC, to name a few) I tried both the Nineball and Guarder TM style gas route seals, however in my case the performance was always disappointing.

For reference i ended up with the following combination.

HK3P Gen 4 frame
GM steel front base
GM steel hammer housing
GM zero blowback housing set
GM zero hammer set
GM trigger
GM trigger bar
RA Tech steel slide
RA Tech steel outer barrel
RA Tech steel recoil spring
RA Tech mag release
PDI 6.01 palsonite inner barrel and W hold bucking
Maple leaf hopup unit
Guarder nozzle
WE v2 Co2 mags with lees precision shims.

If the tiny screw doesn't matter, then get which ever nozzle is available. In my experience it was a matter of trial and error to find out which combination worked best. It really helps if you enjoy tinkering.
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Wow! That setup is really great! And for the loading nozzle I don't want to struggle every time with that stupid tiny screw, I think I would go for the cowcow, But one last question: in the Guarder Enhanced Muzzle (Part number GLK-26), I think the cowcow use the same design, it has the same pin and not the little screw,...that pin take the function of the valve blocker?
Yes on the GLK-26 the pin also functions as a valve blocker. I'm pretty sure the CowCow uses a similar design.
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Yes on the GLK-26 the pin also functions as a valve blocker. I'm pretty sure the CowCow uses a similar design.
You have knowledge on glocks and it's a whole different world with other gbb guns I think, my WE desert eagle doesn't giveme much trouble like my damn lovely glock XDDDD, I like her much as I hate her!
Maybe you can help me to build my glock and tell me what path should I choose and save me from mistakes
Glocks are my favorite sidearms and i have been tinkering with them for the longest time. I like how straight forward they are in design and how easy it is to build one.

If you have any more questions please let me know. Always glad to be able to help.
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Thanks man! First of all, which brands for upgrades are more reliable?and with a brand new glock, should I replace everything? Or some parts are not necessary for upgrades?

I think I need to shows you what I have with some photos right xd
Damn google....

This is my humble g17 and it's internals
Base gun: B&W g17
CJ 97mm 6.04 inner barrel
Decepticon 70degree bucking
GM gold recoil spring guide
Maple leaf hop adjust wheel
SGC orange gold aluminum outer barrel (I hate the orange tone)
New age steel hammer set ( I have to modify the valve knocker to make it longer)
Slong ball bearing hammer
Guarder steel rear and front sights
Guarder bbu ( I have to modify the bump)

Stock parts:
Loading nozzle set


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