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G3 dmr

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just finished building my G3, well for the time being and thought I would share it.

It has the standard barrel (polished) for the time being and I followed most of the long range AEG thread but still got a way to go (got to see how it shoots first) nearly ready for her first game on Sunday.
the stock and front grip are real steel and took the best part of a day to fit.
I think she is beautiful but let me know what you think.
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Very unique and slick rifle!! I bet it will get looks all over the place.
Very very nice, lots of G3s recently, I like that

Also, might want to post it in the gallery ;)

Nice rifle thats nicely done.Im pro G3 myself and own three of them.What GB upgrades did you do?Have you chronoed it yet?

That is great looking man.

I have seen some botched builds while using the G3, but you pulled it off!

+1 from me for a well job done!

I'm a real sucker for wood furniture. Looks great.
Thanks for the comments guys
I have no idea of the fps at the moment as it wasn't cronoed at the weekend :/ I can estimate it at around 300fps as I am using an M90 spring because the local shop I go to didn't have M100s in stock and the M110 I have would put me over the 374fps limit for AEGs.
It did receive a fair few compliments from the guys I regularly play with and was asked if it was a dragunov so many times by the newer players ::), including the one who pooed his pants when he ran into a doorway and straight into the G3's business end lol.
It sounds fantastic and shoots quite well except only on full auto so I need to sort out that problem. but I had major feeding issues with my mags and ended up using my vsr for most of the day (which is another story :( ) the mags would, when they felt like it, feed about 20-30 bbs then stop feeding, I am using 130rnd mid caps.
as far as the gearbox is concerned I put a bearing spring-guide in (modified v3) and bearing piston head and a modifyed v3 silent cylinder head with mouse mat padding on it. the gear set was swapped out for a modify set :
the cylinder is a teflon one I bought for my g36 and the nozzle is a modified G36 airseal one.
the reason there are so many v3 parts is that I was trying to spend as little money on parts and I had them lying around.
the motor is the standard JG one as is the barrel and hop rubber.
the barrel was taped, hop was ptfe taped and the nub replaced with a H type one.
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Maybe the feeding issue is in the mags? I had an m14 that was finnicky with mags and feeding.

You may just need to lube the mags as well.
Thanks guys I am pretty sure it is the mags, I will give them a spray and see if that helps.
I was thinking about getting PSG1 mags for it this might just give me the excuse that I need

A PSG-1 short mag would look awesome in this rifle! Love the wood furniture!

I just noticed you have a small spatula in the picture.

I love the G3, nice wood!

goldentrigun said:
I just noticed you have a small spatula in the picture.
Haha nice catch
Erm ::) was kinna like ......then there was a :-/ .
Swamp gas thats it, it's an optical illusion caused by my psycadelic carpet and swamp gas ;) .
(That's a believable story I think I got away with it)

That is quite nice mate. However can you get a pic without the silencer? I think it'll look better.
I have already removed the silencer as it is going on my VSR
I will either try to sort out a pic on my awesome carpet (minus children's toys lol) or in it's natural environment on Sunday when it gets out to play :)
what do you think of the tank style flash hider?
too cheesy?
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