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G3 Swordfish

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I originally intended this to be an exact duplicate of my G3 Counterniper only smaller.As I got into the project,artistic license took over,and it assumed an identity all its own.Now I know its not a sniper or DMR rifle,but I figured it was nice enough to deserve some note.

Classic Army G3 receiver
JG MP5 cocking tube shortened between MP5
length,and G3 SAS length
JG G3 railed forearm,shortened and
notched to fit
Nitro VO top rail stretched to fit
PRO&T Toys MP5 strike kit modified to
fit G3
Eotech552 replica
MP7 front and rear sights(cosighted)
UTG tac light
5mw green laser
G&P shorty marine battery stock
JG pistol grip G3 pistol grip


Aim 8mm ballbearing reinforced gearbox
Aim piston with metal teeth strip
Aim piston with thrust bearing
Stainless spring guide with bearing
Guarder reinforced tappet plate
Guarder O ring nozzle for G3
Matrix PDI style M110 spring
JG high torque motor
JG hopup
Guarder bucking
SCS spacer
Madbul 6.03mm tightbore cut to fit
11.1v 1800mah 25c lipo
363fps with .2's/28rps

This one is still under construction.I put everything together to see how it all fit.Still have to braze the toprail all together,then alot of painting.
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Just saying you have to wait atleast 1 month before you can sell anything and it also thats not anything like a sniper rifle or a dmr. More like a cqb rifle.
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