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G36c sniper

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My g36c is going to be upgraded into a semi auto SL8 concept gun with many one off parts. The gun will be upgraded to about 400 fps to keep it reliable. A 6.04 tightbore 469mm long barrel will replace the stock one. Possibly a custom stock I am not too sure right now any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

*edit sorry man I was drinking 151 last night and things got a little hazy...
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Alright, here's what you're going to want:

First off, I'm not sure if you ment to say 6.04, but that's the correct diameter you'll want. Not 3.04

Next up, get a PDI 270% Spring , They're consistant beyond your wildest dreams

Then grab some Classic Army Reinforced gears, or System Reinforced

Bearing spring guide

9.6v battery

and finally, a big enough motor to pull that spring back.

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Mosin made a typo, he doesn't mean the 270% spring, he means the 170%. He's pretty spot on, but here are my suggestions, based on my experience building, upgrading and repairing 400fps AEGs.

Needed Parts:
PDI 170% Spring
Guarder Infinite Torque Up Gears
Systema or Deepfire Half-Tooth Piston
Madbull Black Python v2 Tightbore

Optional Parts:
Bearing Spring Guide
Modify Piston Head
Guarder Hard Type Bucking
Systema Torque-Up Motor
Large Handguard for G36
Large Type 9.6v Battery (a mini 9.6 wont give you much more over the 8.4 mini)

So essentially for about $130 or so, you can upgrade any AEG to shoot a nice, consistent 400 FPS, but you should look at spending $300 or so if you want to go the whole way with your G36. That is if you can do your own upgrade work. Otherwise you should send your gun out to a reputable person (like me :)) and oay for them to upgrade it. You'd be looking at anywhere from $40 to $100 for labor, depending on how much the individual doing the work charges.
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How does this sound?
-V3 spring guide
-Element gear set
-6.04mm High Precision Inner Barrel For G3/SG1 (469mm)
-Tasco 3-9x50mm Red Green Crosshairs Sight
Illuminated Rifle Scope w/ 25mm Mounts
-Element Power Spring 170%
This is all that I am getting for now also the order went out yesterday
Everything was ordered from
I personaly would of steered clear of the Element Gear Set, as I,ve had nothing but trouble from them, and now stick to TM or Systema Gears ;) and I wouldn't bother putting the battery in the scope, as the illumination works against you, there is a thread around here disscussing this somewhere :) everything else sounds good
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Ok I cleared the element gear set and was told that with the spring guide and 170% spring that I would be getting about 350 fps. Do I need to get a non ported cylinder when I install a longer barrel in my gun?
Yes, Tex is correct. I did make a typo.

Anyways, I'd suggest strongly listening to Texas, as he repairs guns for a living. But on topic.. Get what he said, and a V3 bearing spring guide won't work in a V2 Gearbox.
Who told you that a 170 would put you at 350? Usually 170% springs put you in the high 300's to the really low 400's depending on style of your gun and manufacturer. I would swap out the gear set for a bore up kit and a lower strength spring(like a 140% or a M100). This will put alot less stress on you internals and eventually (when the spring is broken in) you will have a higher consistency than if you went with a higher strength spring.

how do you plan to cover up the extended barrel. i didn't see a suppressor so are you going to make your own or do you plan to buy one?
[EDIT] no one mentioned new shims. lol try some systema 6-7mm berring shimms. [/EDIT]
other than that it looks good.

A bore-up kit is really useless unless you've got a 700mm inner barrel.

Honestly, there won't even be a difference in FPS if you just go with a normal cylinder kit.. And go with one with a port, because if your gearbox locks up, you can pop it back really easily that way.
Mosin said:
A bore-up kit is really useless unless you've got a 700mm inner barrel.
Bore Up kits increase the intake and export of air in the cylinder, which in turn usually increases the FPS by 30-40. Most players don't use a bore up because of its higher price, but then they turn around buy a M120 and high torque gears for a little over what a bore up and a lower strength spring cost. not only do bore ups increase the FPS but they also greatly reduce the wear done to the gearbox by letting the user use a lower strength spring to archive the same results as a higher strength spring.

useless i think not

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Any increase cylinder kit will give you more pressure, what a bore up kit is designed to do is decrease the backflow of the weapon when the cylinder returns to the ready position. This was thought of as a needed thing for those with 509-650mm barrels as the bb couldn't exit the weapon before the cylinder would go back and suck back 30-40 FPS. This was then proven wrong by a few tests and said that unless you're using a barrel with a length of aproximately 750mm it won't make a difference and isn't worth the price.

Just go with a normal cylinder upgrade kit, or better yet.. Go with exactly what Tex told you.
I thought that the G36c had the near indestructable V3 gearbox.
Trying to get silencers into canada is near impossible, no company makes them and there are two companies that sell them for such a high price because of importing. So an extender and m14 flash hider or I could machine something up out of some round stock aircraft aluminum.
I appologize, Mosin are you telling me to just stick with my regular cylinder or upgrade.
By the way I managed to make my own top mid-rail for my G36 (I cut and chopped the original upper rail) Pics will be up in a day or two.
Get exactly what Tex told you, nothing more, nothing less.

Hit up local websites and google for prices and links.
Why would you use a G36c, they're made for CQC.
foxturtle said:
Why would you use a G36c, they're made for CQC.
You can modify the rifle to perform for medium-long range shooting (for a semi-automatic).
But then the barrel will be so long compared to the handguard you'll have wierd handling?!
lechfire, do not necro post in a thread that already contains answered questions and the like.

Thank you,
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