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G96 mag leaking after tapped??

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So I've got two G96 mags which I drilled and tapped. The fittings are bolted in snuggly with teflon tape, and I put it under water with air to see where the leak is.

The issue is the mags are leaking from the lower front and rear corners, which shouldn't be possible according to the magazine design. :mad:

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: Mags did not leak when used with green gas prior to drill/tapping.
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I have encountered the same problem when used KJW M700 w/external green gas tank.
Looked at the exploded drawing from evike, I found that both mags (from G96 and M700) are pretty similar in construction (see image).

@wyvernfist : Is that correct ?

If yes then the magazine would leak from where the backplate is attached to body with four screws (not only in corners but at a whole perimeter too!).

Simply apply a car gasket maker (I used this : between back plate and magazine body and the problem should be gone.

PS: and yes, there is an O-ring, one could put it into silicone, but it helped only temporary.


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