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Gallery of Custom guns by dobey

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I am just going to add pictures to this thread of different airsoft guns I have built over the years.

Here are some from the AW50 I did:

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AW50 looks awesome! I take the smaller mag goes inside the bigger one?
Finally... you should have done that from the begging!
I'm sure many members don't know you! I've seen most of your builds in ASR and Arnies and I was really stunned by the quality and efforts you put in these!

I would love to see some of the newer guns if you still build any.

P.S. At some point I got really close to buy one of your WA2Ks!

AW50 looks awesome! I take the smaller mag goes inside the bigger one?
Yes the smaller mag sits inside the big one, and they come off as one unit to reload.

The M200 started out as a CA M24 with a gas and spring bolt.

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Yep everything is by hand, I have a 3 axis cnc router but it is only good for wood and plastic.
Very, very nice!:yup: I've been wanting to get my own equipment so I could do things like this, but unfortunately, never been able to. Someday maybe...
Wow, very impressive work! You remind me of becklr1. He did something something similar:
Dobey... can I come to your house? Please?
Saw your work on Arnie's. I love your work. You are amazing.
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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