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Gallery of Custom guns by dobey

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I am just going to add pictures to this thread of different airsoft guns I have built over the years.

Here are some from the AW50 I did:

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Aluminum bars are rather cheap believe it or not. At least when bought in bulk like where I work they are.
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I like that you modified a gbb pistol to use as the drive system.
That way it's easily maintained. I like how faithful you are to the original form of the gun as well. nicely done! It would have been nice if it was HPA or something similar though.

What I would give to get the dimensions and make my own. XD
@goldentrigun I can help you with that... Just tell me what you need!

Might be messaging you soon on that. My friend might want to try to put the crime buster engine inside of one.
The biggest hurdle would be the barrel and that butt plate, but I might be getting a different job operating a lathe. So I might be able to do the barrel soon!

That or retrofit a barrel which wouldn't be that difficult either.
1 - 3 of 67 Posts
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