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Gallery Rules

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This is a Sniper Gallery, keep it that way.

Do not post anything other than YOU'RE own airsoft rifles and gear. Anything that does not appear or look like a rifle (I.E., shotgun with a scope) will be deleated. Pretty clear and simple.

In addition:
Please don't post real steel rifle pictures in, this forum is strictly airsoft, if you want to post pictures of real steel, we have a proper section for it.

Also, if you've done upgrades, feel free to include where and what you did you to your weapon, we always love inspiration.

Finally, ensure that your not taking these pictures in a public area or any place that could scare someone not properly informed on the situation. Failure to do this (I.E: Taking pictures of you and your 1337 UTG on a playground) will result in a perminate ban as well as a deletion of your thread. Bearing an airsoft replica in the open without a blaze orange muzzle tip does violate several laws and can be seen as if you were brandishing a real firearm in public.

Flatout, we don't want to see pictures of you in a public area with your shit.
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