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Gas cylinder

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Well back to my thinking again guys.

Well I have my ASR, and I have been trying to figure out what I can do to her next. Well I remembered that I wanted to get a gas bolt for my VSR rifle quite some time ago. And now I have been working on a few things with my air rifles, and have thought about trying it out with the ASR.

The only thing is I can't find any diagrams or anything of the like for the inside of the gas bolts!

So that is why I am coming to you guys...... again....

Does anyone have one that they could take some pictures of the internals. I have some basic ideas of what it should look like, but the more pics are always better.
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I would go with a coaxial barrel sealing design for a bolt action build that would be actuated by a QD valve, either electric or mechanical.

Thats the nice thing about a bolty rig is that you dont have to deal with the feeding issues that you get on a semi auto rig, and its ALL POWER!!

I have a few designs that would very easily be adapted to a single shot in a bolty if you'd be interested... I haven't pursued them since I have been a little (probably a lot) too motivated to get a semi auto system that I like...

EDIT: That is if you wanted to build a custom rig... I think someone makes a gas conversion rig for the APS that would fit in an ASR...
Ok, I'll have to sift through my piles of sketches when I get home tonight and see whats viable for a bolty again (I know there are a few in there) and scan them in. I'll PM you tonight.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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