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Gas Gun Questions

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Just recently I have been really interested in gas guns, and I thought that I would take my pistol apart to see how it works. I have just been getting into airsofting more to the point where I want to find out how things work, and I realized that it does not use a spring. For snipers, I now know that they don't use springs, what are other ways that gas can effect the performance of a gun. I heard somewhere that a longer barrel lets the gas expand more giving you better range. If anyone can just tell me just random info that would be great to know about a gas gun, that would be awesome. I want to learn how to silence and any other useful information that would be good to know about gas guns.

I was looking at
What kind of upgrades would it need, besides hop-up and inner barrel. Would it be a good investment to replace all the O-rings or would they be fine. I have never upgraded a gas gun before so I am not sure.

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Search in "Others" in "The Rifle" section, there are quite a few KJW M700 threads.
The KJW M700 is a good base gun, but be prepared to dump lots of cash into it. I have one and it is a constant work in progress.
Buy a Tanaka magazine, G&G power pack, G&G M700/M24/Kar98 rubber set... Pretty much all the upgrade parts for a Tanaka M700 except the power bolt, inner barrel and hop (KJW M700 uses VSR-10 hop rubbers/buckings).
HPA is probably going to be the best way to get it shooting the way you want it to (personally I don't like hoses hanging off my rifle so I haven't fitted HPA).
That will get you started, now go do a search.
Thanks for the info, but I also wanted to know more about gas guns in general. Like how they differ from spring guns. I want to know the physics behind them or just anything that could be usefull to know.

I want to learn what makes it shoot harder, keep the gas usage inside the magazine stable, and any other ways to increase performance in your gas gun. Again, I have never touched the internals of a gas gun and I have no idea what does what.
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