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Gas-in-bolt L96 CO2/HPA

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I recently acquired a gas bolt L96 and was wondering if anyone had any information on it?
The fill valve was broken hence the reason I got it so cheap but on disassembly I found all the missing pieces and have managed to get it to hold gas once more
The other path I was thinking of was to go for a CO2/HPA rig and run it off of that, I did find pictures of someone who had done a CO2 conversion on one when looking into getting it but am now unable to find it :-/
so in short what do you guys think keep it on green gas,convert it if possible or just bin the bolt and replace it with a spring?

EDIT: found the post it was a well G22 that I saw the mod on :)

EDITED EDIT: I have found a fair bit of information since I found the different version, I seem to have the G22 bolt in an L96 body ::) anyway I also found a guide on the CO2/ HPA conversion :)
The fps figures quoted seem to be (well they are) too high for the field I play at but I assume turning the PSI down would bring the muzzle velocity inline with the allowance I have (500fps)?
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