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Hello all,
i am looking to buy a gbb dmr for a scout sniper role. i am not fond of the bolt action bar 10 i am currently playing with, and am looking to go semi-auto. I am considering a we m14 or a kjw 10/22, both of which i have heard mainly good things about. Upgrades are plentiful for both rifles, so that is not that big of an issue. Any opinions?
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One issue you might find is that they can be quite noisy, which could easily give your position away. Although if you're going to be playing as more of a DMR, and therefore presumably in a squad, then this isn't as much of an issue than if you were planning on trying to stay hidden as a sniper.
I find myself taking 3-4 shots, then running to a new location, close to my squad, so noise does not really bother me, and even adds an itimidation factor of sorts.
Whatever you get I Highly suggest you tap your mags for HPA and run it like that. Propane/GG is way too inconsistent to rely on if your a DMR.
I think the best platform between these 2 will be the KJ 10/22.

Buddy you really need to clean up the post! That is just aweful to read.

But like george said.... I would go with the 10/22 if you can find one. If not you could always try and find a WE M4....
They are great little rifles.
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IMO, go classic for the cost in mags and the BS of tapping GBBR mags and reloading. Classic mags are not much cheaper but they hold up to 100rnds for JAC/Asahi M4 mags, double the ammo.

If you want something cheap, I have a WE SCAR closed bolt I would be willing to sell with a couple CO2 mags. PM if you are interested.
Thanks guys! I am going with the kjw, and woogie, i will work on my wording, still new to fourms in general
Classics are great but they can't take the DMR role especially Asahi's as they are only full auto. But I agree with you GBBR's can be pain but... hay life is a compromise!

I do Understand the challenges that gbbr's come with. Would am m14 or sr25 aeg be better? Or would tapping the mag for hpa make them equivlient?
I am actually thinking of doing this with my WE right now. Would be a fun thing to do. And considering that my local field isn't "huge" would mainly be going for the look of a DMR. The accuracy thing could be worked on and could be worked on to be very nice.

And if you are not wanting to go with tapping the mags, you could always look at the NPAS kit, from RA tech. Ran two mags over the chrono, and was very impressed with the numbers.
Well that sounds like a great idea. I have heard some not so great things about Ra-tech, but would give themnpas a shot. Also, they make almost the only internal parts for the 10/22.
Yeah they do. I have had great success with the RA line of parts.
Just because a classic can't run 450FPS, per field rules, doesn't mean it can't outperform and you would still retain full-auto and a 30' MED. I hope you don't mean they only shoot in full-auto, they are select fire. Safe-semi-full.
Asahi's can't shoot semi auto only full auto so you'll have to find Kokusai or JAC. I own a Sheriff right now, it's not finished but it's full auto only. And talking for classics the Asahi WA2000 is semi only and it's the best sniper rifle I own and has the best performance I've seen!!!

GBBR's in general don't really make great DMRs. They just are too inconsistent. Look into getting a Polar Star EPAR.
I plan to tap the Mag for hpa, so it would have the same preformance as a hpa gearbox.
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