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I am thinking of making a DMR setup on a GBBR as it is not done very often. Any advice on which base m4 would be the best? I was debating between the WE and the KJW.
Let me know what you think!

- Topa
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Please tap that magazine... I beg of you...
Will this help seat the valve that is leaking you think?
Well, it will allow you to run more pressure through the mag via HPA, so yeah, it *might* do it... I was more talking about using a tapped magazine in a DMR role for the consistency.
Oh okay, gotcha... I'll stop beating on my magazine then...
I have been reading a lot about GBBRs in the past few months. Recently, there has been a large boom in GBBs here in Northern California. I started out with a WOC SR16. The G&Ps are a great platform.. but require alot of tinkering. There are so many parts available for the Magna System that most of the time they become a headache.

To keep it stupid simple (KISS)... A WE M16 is a great place to start for an m15 varient. I have seen these pushed up above 500 fps. The biggest issue with any GBBR is going to be consistancy. As you use gas FPS varies. The amount of time between shots also determines the FPS loss or stability. The weather also determines the FPS.

I know you do not like the M14... but this is exactly what I am working on. I have my m14 tuned to shoot at 400fps. It is accurate and consistent. I can shoot through a complete mag and only vary in FPS by 5-10. But I want more.

I am modding the air nozzle, installing an NPAS, adding a 3" muzzle break and a 600mm 6.01 TBB. After I get the gun shooting at a good distance and good groupings.. I will add an external cold shot kit to get it to the 550 fps and keep it consistent. I guarantee you that there will be not other rifle that can give you a better blowback and realistic feel of a sniper platform than the m14.

If you're still stuck on the m16... keep in mind you will need to find a way to lock it in SF. Otherwise I doubt anyone will allow you to play. For a 500 and above m16 you will need a 6.03 tbb, a ratech trigger box, Ratech NPAS and tap your mags.. this will cost you at least another $300 if not more.

here is a good link for GBB info
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