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Finaly the damn photobucket is been acting up on me cramping my computer :wtf: . Bastard!

I know there is a lot of guys making some nice DMR's out of this system like the KA's M4's, G&P's, AGM's and other so I'll post some stuff here they I've been working on so far as this custom parts go.

Well here is a more detail and actual upgrade of the old polymer nozzle. For one is not polymer but carbon fiber now, the nozzle tip is made of steel instead of the aluminum, the loader ramp has a insert or "horseshoe" as I call it made of aluminum to increase durability also the back of the rail has a rubber bumper as well and also upgrader the orings to Viton O-Rings that can take -15 degrees F.. All in all is still the same simple design or redesign focused on durability.

Here are some pictures. The nozzle looks a bit dusty do the the final fitting to ensure it works but is finish look is nicer. I just didn't have time to take more pics when it was ready for shipping .

Also they all come with a spare valve that comes standard one that hits the 450fps area as well as the spare that hits the 350 fps area. I can do custom FPS's on call. Like 300's for CQB or whatever.

The Valves side by side, the fatter one is the lower FPS one.

Also the FPS valve swich is nice and easy with just pulling the pin up on the front of the nozzle with out taking the whole nozzle out the BC. Also is easily pulled with out tools or easy access.

Well there was a more detail review of the new nozzle and now for the Bolt Carriers the home made Viltor BC's One in silver and one in black oxide. The silver one is Grits BCG and the Black one is Jonas BCG. I broke them in but they might need some minor break in in their guns.

As you can see grits is the thicker one and Jonas nedded the lighter BGC. Now this is still for them to decide if they feel confortable with the weight so I can do some minor moding till they feel is right on the spot.

Here is the black one which I just love the look because one is so used to seeing the elusive silver one made by rathech and some othe company, I belive it was RWC or something like that, but that version was the aluminum one if I'm not mistaken.
Also I think light is the way to go on this one because it was the whole point of the real steel version to be lighter and faster.

And now this is something really cool I think and actually it was Grits Idea :idea: lol and it was to put a ball bearing on the top of the gas key kinda like the WE M4's bolt carrier. that makes it move smoother when recoiling, I just adde my touch with istead of the bearing being held by a pin like on the WE's just made a screw and custom fited it so it rides with the cuvres of the gas key and is glued in so is not going anywhere.

Grits might be on to something there :clap: RESPECT!

Hey GBB LOVER"S up next along with some lock tab plates for the IA nozzle and the regular ones along with the screw on return spring?!?!? LAter on this week. PEACE admire

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Yeah i here you can see the nozzle cleaned up ready to ship separetly and also a better look at the rubber padding/ bumper or what ever you want to call it on the lock tab or lock plate. It has 2 valves, one that shoots 450fps and the other one 340fps for CQB and it has a quick takedown pin for the nozzle tip to pop off so you don't have to take the whole nozzle appart from the bolt carrier to change the fps.

This nozzle comes with the locking plate made of carbon fiber too and has 2 rubber bumpers to absorve the beating.

Here is what it looks like before shipping it installed comes the 450fps valve and the one that's next to the lock plate is the 340fps valve also comes with an extra oring, oh and the orings are VITON orings that can take up to -15 degrees F cold temperature and durometer rating medium hard, Durometer 75 Shore A so is a nice oring lol:

Here you can see with more detail the locking plate with the rubber bumpers on the front that touches the bolt carrier and on the nozzle stopper nob that cushions the nozzle from hitting it on blowback:

Is the one on the top that has the rubber bumpers.

I'll have more pictures of the nozzle in more detail later on this week so you can see it with more detail.
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