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GBBs- O Rings

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This looks pretty promising, I found it on another forum, and am thinking about giving these a try. From what I am told about my KJW m9 (just got in trade a month back--has not been used yet), it might have a leaking problem.

Has anyone had experience with these? I am going to place an order soon, and could write up a review on how they work compared to the regular o rings already in my m9 (unless they do not work...wouldn't that be a bias review

I am interested to see if it helps with gas efficiency and its ability to prevent leaks.
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They look good. Moondog is known to have pretty good products.
You know you can just find the right size O-ring at the hardware store and buy a ton of them for a few bucks.
You could also use the hipster method that I utilize and buy size 14 o-rings from a piercing shop at a mall or tatoo parlor(four for a dollar usually). They are surgical silicon o-rings, so they should work as good or better.
Moondog is on my home forum. His review may be biased as the maker fo them but here is the run down of his product.
Rather than start a new thread, I am going to bump this thread up. Recently I have been doing some major work on my m9 mags. I recently grabbed two off of evike and two from another member from another forum. It just so happens all four of them leak. Not to mention, the other two I had leaked as well.

I was able to fix one mag by giving it a silicon bath. Everything seems to be in working order. However, the other five are giving me some problems.

Silicon baths have not been able to solve the problem. I am in need of new o-rings for the majority of them. Rather than buy the ones in the link above, I went to home depot. Unfortunately, I bought a size that was too big. They were the #11 O-rings.

But just wondering what kind of methods you use to solve your gas problems. I have been doing some heavy research for the best method to solve the issue. I have come across a few. I am most likely going to buy some silicon grease along with some new o-rings.

Any other tips/ideas would be helpful.
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