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Gear box switch

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Well looking at a few different options for projects, and have been thinking about the polar star gearbox, and was looking at a few rifles that have the version 3 gearbox.

So what is the main difference between the version 2 and version 3? I know the main thing is the motor mount, and the wiring, but are they typically the same size and shape?

Like would I be able to put the polar star gearbox, a version 2 gearbox shape, into a rifle that is using a version 3?

I am looking at the SL8 and wondering how hard it would be to put the P* gearbox?
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On the classic forums, someone used an Asahi engine and some serious gunsmithing to get a BV SL9. You could probably do about the same. Or, if you want AEG mags, the DG kits are made for V3s, you could ask them if it would fit in the SL8, or you could do it yourself.
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