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Gear box switch

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Well looking at a few different options for projects, and have been thinking about the polar star gearbox, and was looking at a few rifles that have the version 3 gearbox.

So what is the main difference between the version 2 and version 3? I know the main thing is the motor mount, and the wiring, but are they typically the same size and shape?

Like would I be able to put the polar star gearbox, a version 2 gearbox shape, into a rifle that is using a version 3?

I am looking at the SL8 and wondering how hard it would be to put the P* gearbox?
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Also, the motor is at a different angle than the V2. It won't fit, sorry dude.

Actually wait... does the P* HPA GB have a built in hand grip? I know the valve for the tank goes through there...

Ok, so I looked it up, and it has a little piece for the motor, that will probably not let it fit into a V3 gun. There is one in the works, confirmed my polar start. However, considering that they have made a GB for a SAW type gun, as a one off, custom run, the V3 will be here soon.
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