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Gear box switch

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Well looking at a few different options for projects, and have been thinking about the polar star gearbox, and was looking at a few rifles that have the version 3 gearbox.

So what is the main difference between the version 2 and version 3? I know the main thing is the motor mount, and the wiring, but are they typically the same size and shape?

Like would I be able to put the polar star gearbox, a version 2 gearbox shape, into a rifle that is using a version 3?

I am looking at the SL8 and wondering how hard it would be to put the P* gearbox?
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Just a V3 gasbox from Polarstar maybe well into 2012. They are just now getting the first of their complete V2s out and I only know of one. They still want to have a baseline prior to releasing just their gasboxes so people can't claim they at fault for installing it wrong or not working in a weird setup.

The kuba HPA mods work for the V3. The cylinder heads have longer stems but are still concentric. But other than a few parts they have a lot in common with the V2. I made a mistake when making my parts by modding a part instead of making the cylinder head from scratch. I can help you with that if you decide to go through with it. Not sure if you got your lathe but I'm only suggesting since you mention an interest in getting one. As of right now his timer board only supports full auto but figuring it out for semi auto only would probably be pretty easy, you would just need to remove the pulse aspect. Mine works without circuit controls in semi fine but its bit of a gas hog but not to the point any DM let alone a sniper would worry about. Make a FAL or a SL8, :). Kuba is working on a mosfet board too, so select fire is next. Of course I'm helpless with circuits so if you are not you might be able to figure it out on your own. I am getting over 350FPS with .4g BB which is over 500FPS with .2g BB with a 6.08mm TBB. It would not be hard to run a marksman or sniper role with a 6.03mm. A 6.01 would probably be over kill but if you want is really quiet you could probably get under 60PSI at sniper levels. Besides the standard concentric cylinder head based replicas like V2 and V3s I think I have a plan on making Kuba's plans work in a V7 or other non-concentric cylinder head based replicas. My wallet is in limbo right now due to class, other wise I would have already have the answer on my design changes. I even think I have figured out the solenoid that P* is using. Not that it matters, their are plenty of skinny valves on the market but I already know they got it to 45rps+. PM if you need my cell # to talk about it. I think you still have it from my KJW sale.
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Woogie, Did you forget about your thread? :)

Got the Kuba's circuit working. Its select fire but I can be modified to be semi-only or full-auto only. Or both but not select-fire.
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