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I have spend the last few days debating selling my G36c to get a DMR, or converting it to a DMR. After some discussion with Vindi I have decided to look into the conversion and am probably going to have to re-work my entire gearbox as it is old and I have not opened it in forever.

My question is this, what brand/type parts are worth it in a DMR box and which ones are a waste of time and money? We have all read the Vindis DMR guide, so I am not asking "should I get a bore up cylinder??????" I'm more curious as to CA cylinder sets v. Systema sets, Helical Torque gears v. Torque up gears, etc. unfortunately our sport/hobby/obsession is essentially run by marketing, so it is impossible to find reliable/unbiased/intelligent information from most dealers regarding individual parts. So any opinions on what you have used, what you have liked and what you have hated would be greatly appreciated here!!

I would just say go for it, I'm interested in all the parts; but for the noob and for the part of all of us that loves to get distracted ::), heres a list of parts (The G36 is a V.3 gearbox, I dont care if you talk about other gearboxes in this thread as parts are interchangeable, but if you do bring up a box specific part or mod, please make it known what box it is for):

Gear Sets
Spring guide
Piston Heads
Tappet plate??? (are there differences??
Selector plate/Mosfet (I know most of you guys us Mosfets, I'm planning to install one, but for the noob looking at this
and last but not least, lubrication

When I started playing around with Airsmithing I did not realize how many, what kinds, what applications there were for lubes out there, so really what do you use and how do you use it ;)... that almost sounds dirty lol
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