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I myself am not a fan of wearing a Gillie suit when sniping, but that's just me. My question is what are some good alternatives for gear if I don't wear a Gillie? In example, backpack, h-harness battle belt, vests or plate carriers? Any advice would be help full thanks!
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Either a battlebelt or a light chest rig are your best bets.
Besides extra mags what would be good stuff to put in the pouches of a light chest rig?
I tend to carry lot's of little extras in my gear, little bits and pieces in easy to reach places. For instance, on my Recce vest I have my admin pouch which carries all my maps, radio frequencies, mission objectives and my mobile phone! I also carry a torch, secateurs, spare safety glasses, canteen, grenades, lighter, strike cap for hot burning grenades, in game snacks (cereal bars or other nutritional bit's and pieces).

Generally, I try to carry all the gear I need for a game plus a few extras, the longer the game the more extras I will put in.
sanguinor said:
in game snacks (cereal bars or other nutritional bit's and pieces).
Hehe, never thought of that...
I have a light chest rig, I carry mags for rifle and pistol, radio, extra batteries, camera (i like to shoot video), a bi pod because I hate having one on my gun, a sling, couple of power bars, tools, compass, map of AO, op intel, sharpie, water, 2 thunder b's with back up shells.
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