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Right.. ive got my externals sorted and ive just got the gearbox out and cracked it open. i compression tested the piston/cylinder (finger over air nozzle and push piston) to find no air seal at all (brand new never fired KA m4a1) so its getting a complete makeover. ive got a ascu v2 mosfet on the way and i want mostly shs parts and a 11.1v lipo. heres the list of definates:

shs15 tooth piston
shs alloy piston head
shs air nozzle
shs double o ring cylinder head
shs cnc gearset (what ratio?)
7mm bushings (hopefully terminus x if i can source them) other options?
high torque motor shs high torque is £35 or terminus x is £58

i want a max of 450fps semi only so will be using a madbull m120 and hoping a tbb and perfect airseal will get me close.

need a little help with the gear ratio's and torque motor please

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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