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Gearbox wiring + other Problems?

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So, I have a brand new JG gearbox and I put in a weaker spring. Now when I connect the battery and the motor up (The motor gear is outside the gearbox) the motor starts going straight away, without me pulling the trigger. BTW This wiring came with a mosfet fitted but it was broke so I am connecting the battery as normal and the third little wire for mosfets is left loose.

And When I tried it with the mototr in the gearbox (I actually did that first thinking it was working fine) All that happens is the motor makes a sound as if it is turning bu the piston won't cycle.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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If the mosfet is connected the same way as mine the two red wires are soldered to the one contact which kinna bypasses the switch. the 3rd wire puts the mosfet into the equation making it the switch :-/ (I think that's right anyway) you might have to rewire the trigger switch to put one red wire onto each individual contact.
As for the other problem, no idea sorry if it is a V2 gearbox you will have to open it to get to the switch so you could investigate while it is open.
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