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Hi guys 'n' gals,

I haven't actively followed the forum for a couple of months so I wanted to wave at you all and let you know I am still around!!

Things have been pretty slow for me in terms of airsoft recently on account of having just got engaged and ALL my time/effort/money going into planning a wedding fit for a princess (my fiancee not me!)

In the meantime I got my ASF patches shipped over to the UK with zero fuss and minimal time too considering they had to cross the Atlantic! They came already mounted on velcro and are the perfect addition to my Deutsches Heer flecktarn camo. I highly reccomend these to any ASF members, it cost me the equivalent of about £17 to get two awesome patches including shipping from the United States so really, for the "cool" value they are more than worth it!

I'm loving the new forum too, it's like the same forum, only better!

Salutations to you all!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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