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Generic "Is this good" Post

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H'ooookay. Here's the deal:

Well L96 MB01 sniper with
-PDI Hop Up
-6.03 tightbore

I want to put in these parts:
Cyllinder Head
Piston cup

Also a PDI hop repair kit and some Goldenball .3 bios. (highest weight bio?). This set up should fit the gun and be solid according to my homework, but I would like to know what you guys think?

I live in Canada and would like this order to clear the border, has anyone had a parts order seized? Hate to lose out on this lot....

Thank in advance for the responses :)
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Don't use an H nub with PDI w-hold. It will give bad results. Also Bioshot makes .32 and well as .36 in bio but the .36 are always out if stock.
I would go for a Laylax trigger if I were you. It would complete the Laylax set-up. The V-trigger is great, too though.
Seems solid :yup:

Is there a reason you're going with the w-hold bucking and H-nub?
I would probably run .32's or .36's for the best results!I use .36's.
Mixing brand is a bad idea when your talking about the cylinder and trigger parts. If you want quality, go all PDI. If you need to stay on a budget, go Laylax.
It is absolutely mandatory that we have bio bbs. I have heard of .36 bios but never seen them anywhere in stock. Maybe for now i can just use a less powerful spring. What spring would be good running .3?

And as for the trigger - I am trying to keep it all on one order to save on shipping and they don't have the laylax in stock currently =( is there know issues between the pdi trigger and laylax pistons?

Edit: also, the w hold seemed like a good idea. Made sense in my head - but that is why im asking you guys =)
Keeping it one or the other would be best, If I were you I'd go all PDI, I did and It came out great.

IF you go with a W-hold bucking, mod or buy a flat hopup arm.
found this regarding bb weight vs fps and resulting effective range. Might be a few people interested in having a look.

I've dropped the nubbin and pdi bucking from my list.
Prommy soft. I have the red prom.y currently still in good condition.
The PDI bucking is fine, more than fine, very consistent. Just you'll have to make your own nub or use then one it came with. Also V-triggers work fine with laylax parts but Laylax zero-triggers are supposed to be better.

BTW Thats a very strong spring to be using with .3g bb's.

One other thing, the gun is called a sniper rifle and the person is called a sniper. Just sayin' :yup:
I use .3s at 350-400 fps. That might be a little low for most people, but there ya go.

I would install an r-hop and an LRB, but that is just me.
Is that not a 600fps srping?
Is that not a 600fps srping?
From what I've read in the past, it's more than that- I think around 650 if I'm not mistaken.
I use .3s at 350-400 fps. That might be a little low for most people, but there ya go.

I would install an r-hop and an LRB, but that is just me.
We typically use 0.25g with that power in HK. We find it more than sufficient and provides the speed in the smaller fields over here.
It's all up to personal preference. I also use .43s at 400 fps, so you know...
I currently use .3 at 420fps...
Never tested heavier bb though at that lower fps!

0.36g @ 415fps here >:D
On that website it says the 210 is 440 fps. I ended getting the 210 and another rated at 350 or so.

Went all laylax including trigger box, got a prommy soft bucking.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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