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Hi, all!! Just thought I'd post a fe pics of the grip modification I did to my M24 Snow Wolf. I sanded and cleaned the grip, then used inserted some screws (with superglue to anchor them a little 'extra'). Then I molded some epoxy putty over them and wearing a plastic bag like a glove, I gripped the putty to shape it to my hand. Then I let it 'dry', and that's where the first problem set in. Even though I used ALL the resin and ALL the hardener in the pack, it seemed to cure unevenly. when I sanded it, some areas that HAD cured correctly sanded into powder, other less-cured areas crumbled. I kept re-exposing it to sunlight/warmth, used a blow-dryer, etc. I'd take off a bit of the crumbly stuff and hoped that the area beneath would then be able to cure. finally after a few days, I gave up, and mixed some clear epoxy glue with more hardener than resin, and brushed that over the whole grip. My thinking was that the extra hardener would help the putty beneath to finally 'cure' to hardness. Then I sprayed some black under-coating over the grip. This undercoating was something I'd used on the bumper of my truck and I know it's durable. I wanted that durability (wear-resistance) and also it has a slightly textured surface, good for a grip. So here's what it whole project looked like:
First is the stock grip:
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

Then the grip with a piece of foam I used to get an idea of the final shape I wanted:
Brown Wood Hardwood Wood stain Plywood

Then the anchor screws:
Textile Wood Pattern Linens Human leg

Then the putty was applied and shaped into a grip (sort-of):

Wood Human leg Foot Tail Hardwood

After some initial sanding and the curing problem, I painted it with the epoxy glue (hence the shine):
Leg Glove Wood Gesture Flooring

More sanding and then the black coating:
Jaw Wood Gesture Art Bone

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Shotgun

It's a bit embarrassing to post pics of such a minor project, when I know there's guys out there who build their AEG's from scratch, but this grip really feels better and gives me a bit more trigger control, as my hand is in a better position. Again, I only do target shooting, so a slow and careful trigger-pull is what I always go for., This helps.
(Maybe I can post some pics of my 'arcade-gallery' that I built for my target-shooting.)
Next project? Home-made TDC hop-up adjustment.

Later!! ☮
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