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GGb for around $150

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a new side-arm and have a budget of roughly $150.
The ideal pistol would be full-metal, have a threaded barrel and be of a decent quality and performance.
I quite like the look of Glocks, and Mk.23s.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Milo.
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Don't do KWA. They're great until they break. And they will break. And parts are a bitch to find.
You won't find a suppressor. The threads are 16mm. I have not been able to find one anywhere else except Redwolf, and they're sold out. I really wanted one, but I decided to save up for the TM MEU.
Fixed slide is putting me off slightly from the TM. I'm looking in to the KWA's and I'll get a suppressor for it later on, unless I change my mind when I actually get hands on with the weapon.
There's no sense in putting a suppressor on a GBB unless you want a longer barrel. It doesn't really quiet a GBB any.
I feel your pain, I couldn't deal with the lack of blowback, but if you don't really mind, then that's probably the best gas pistol you can find when you add on the VSR inner barrel.

And I agree. I would put a long barrel in any pistol I could. What barrels are compatible with the TM MEU, that would fit in a Gemtech Blackside?
Honestly you can't go wrong with Tokyo Marui. Although they're all made of plastic, they're very durable, and accurate. The plastic even looks like metal in the pictures.
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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