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Ghetto AWS Hop mod

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So I have been struggling with my AWS after upping to 500FPS and .40G Shots.

So I Tried replacing the hop rubber and using a bic ben for the nub with not much increase, So I have thought of my pikey mod which seems to be working amazingly for how easy this mod is.

So what you need to do is,

1) Split the upper receiver from the stock.
2) Locate the hop adjustment pin. (on the inner of the stock)
3) Find a cheap pen ink straw that will fit.
4) Heat the end of the pen to warm it up so it will slip on easier.
5) Trim the pen so you only have a few more mm of hop, I have around 4mm
6) Turn your hop all the way off and re assemble the gun.
7) Test fire
8) Spank players on the field with your heavier ammo

Good luck Fellow AWS owners.

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I kinda made the same thing by glueing like 1mm thick plastic piece on the hop up unit piece where that pin presses.
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