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My name is Bart, after some years of inactivity im back in business with my passion for building ghillie suits. But this time i decided to expand my knowledge to the limit and try a whole new experience in concealment. Before building a suit i tried to consider wich colors fit best for my environment and start experimenting with colors.. in the past i always used burlap jute but i decided to stop with it for simple reason, the smell, when it gets wet it takes forever to dry and its very hot in summer. Instead i prefer raffia bast, its lightweight.Quickly dry and has almost no smell. Also using articical jute beacuse its advantages.

My first colors test are standard dye's lime green and dark brown, my goal with this test was to find out of this colors work and than tune them. There are the pics:

Plant Grass Groundcover Grass family Lawn

Grass Grave Cemetery Groundcover Plant

As you can see the colors where very bright. After this test i can start with fine tuning ( experimenting ) my colors so i did. This is the result for now:

Plant Grass Terrestrial plant Groundcover Shrub

Plant Groundcover Grass Terrestrial plant Shrub

Plant Flower Terrestrial plant Groundcover Grass

Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover Trunk

Plant community Terrestrial plant Plant Groundcover Grass

The new modified color tones doing a pretty good job blending in but there are also other pics where you can pick the sample out so i decided to make a new sample with 80,/20% green/brown ratio like this to see wich need to be modified:

Plant Branch Wood Twig Rectangle

Plant Grass Road surface Rectangle Terrestrial plant

Leaf People in nature Botany Grass Red

So the green tones are still to bright for some grassy areas. Now im currently experimenting with mixed color dye's to perfect the green tones.. keep you updated.

You can also find video of this project on youtube if you search " ghillie art design "

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