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Ghillie Builds + Advice / Suggestions

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Finished my "multi-terrain ghillie"(MTG) crawler supposed to be adaptable to various terrain without to much alteration. Still need to add some hair-bands for the natural vegetation but other then that its pretty much done. Base camouflage was Night Desert.[email protected]/sets/72157628845074003/show/

Ok since I can't embed slide-shows into the forum heres a link from Flickr in sequence of how the top was made.

Had to add some extra netting onto the bottoms.

Close up of the jute.

Each jute thread attached individually and was a pain and I won't be doing that again.

Final product. Will add outside pictures when I get the chance.

Let me know what you think, I plan to make a couple more in jungle, forest and various other land-scape patterns once I get some Multi-cam BDUs and maybe some CADPAT or A-TACS.

Time for this one was around the 30hour mark because of the silly method of individual jute threading I used.

I'm really looking for advice and such because I hope to be able to make a couple I can sell off as I have the time to do such a thing and I would like to improve my trade skills on camouflage.
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It looks very nice, and the way you putted the jute isn't stupid, I did like that too.
I think it also is very much the same colour yours is.
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