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Ghillie gun wrap

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Hey guys, I was wondering how you guys ghillie wrap you rifles. All the gun wraps I see are 6ft long and they say you just wrap it around the rifle. When I do my rifle there is alot of rifle wrap left, I feel like it's too long but then they all give you 6ft. Am I doing something wrong.

Do you rifle it all the way to the stock? I usually stop near the back of the scope. My arm covers the rest of the rifle anyway.

My rifle wrap is like this one.
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Hey I know this has been said before, but if you decide you dont like your wrap, try attaching rubber bands and just adding vegetation wherever you want. Really easy and actually looks good. Just something for you to think about. Its quick and easy. O and it is very cheap too, all you need is some rubber bands.

To answer your question, I would suggest cutting the wrap to your liking. Just make sure not to cut it too much, and make sure it covers up the parts on your rifle enough. Thats just my opinion on how to solve your problem.

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