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ghillie head & Shoulders

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My ghillie suit has inspired me to start work on a ghillie head & sholders.

Believe it or not only one side of the boonie hat is covered !!!!!

It still needs a bit of work and once build is completed, i'll stick it in a hole for a few weeks to weather it

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Bloody hell mate!! Are there no barbours where you come from?
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:lol I thought i'd go for the Bon Jovi look
Looks good and preferably works better than a Boonie with twigs. I would mix some green and other natural colors tough.
A quick update. All the burlap is attached with additional elastics. The flash on the camera has bleached the colours out a bit

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Looks mint mate
just needs some natural stuffed in there and your good to go ;)
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too true. I have added elastics onto the setup just for that purpose :)
the first pics kind of make it look like you have a lot of blond hair.
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