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Im a noob at this so bear with me here. I found the Bushrag Ghillie suit I am wishing to purchase by the end of this year at this link:

In the picture of the product it says
"Comes In..

Kit Form

I do not see a drop down bar to select which one I want (Kit or Complete) I am looking at the Mossy Ghillie Suit.
and I also do not see a size selection area here too. So I'm guessing one size fits all?
Oh well I hope this was enough info, If anyone could help, a big thanks!


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First off, make an intro post in the Beginners section.

Second off, I'm short on time so instead of giving you a speech, Im just going to say make your own ghillie. Store bought ones fall apart and need a ton of work to be field usable

Those are usually one size fits anyway,
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