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Ghillie question

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Im looking to upgrade my Ghillie, ATM Im using a store bought one that I bought as a modded stalker, and made into a crawler.

I was wondering if i should use the regular jute ghillie, or a more of a bush rag type (One like ToomanyBB's has). The bush rag seems like it would be a hell of a lot less work, lighter, and not as hot. The field i play on is heavy woodland, and is pretty dense. The main veg is ferns, with small pines and maples, and some grass. There are two large ares where it is swampy and the only veg is tall grass. Also, can anyone tell me what BB's uses for a base on his rifle wrap? I'd PM him, but this is here already.
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If your environment is woodland with a bunch of brush you might be more inclined to roll with burlap strips.
Now if your environment is wispy tall grass then jute might be the best.

Why not mixes of both because it sounds like you could be in both depending on your game.
Keep in mind as you know 60% of the Ghillie will be veg.
Doesn't sound that bad.
Maybe if I have some time I will be able to post up my ghillie suit.

I would say the fun part is making the suit, I feel like I am really making something worth it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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