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Ghillie suit 001

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I've made this ghillie suit, with a friend of mine .

Tell me guys what yha think of it ?!

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In that environment, that ghillie is absolutely perfect. Great job! But why isn't the guy in the ghillie wearing any gloves?
forgot to take them with me

but gloves need to be worked on :)
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Very nice. You play in a similar environment as I do, lot of dead grass. Just put some more jute on the top of your head... looks a little bare.

Looks great though!
Very nice. Perfect coloring. Infact this reminds me, I have to post mine up cause I finished it.
Looks great, I would break up the color on the face veil a little, that dark green will create a dark circle when you are looking up and creat a lot of contrast. The rest of the ghillie (with gloves of course) looks sick
These pics are just made, to show how my ghillie is right now .
I know, i dont realy BLEND it, buts thats not needed right now :)

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Are you wearing blue pants? Whatever color it is, your pants stick out in the second to last pic. Are those the ones you wear in games?

Besides that, looks great.
i was wearing a black pair of paints, but i will not wear that at a game.
then i will wear a DPM pants, or maybe a tan version ... need to find out, what works the best with my ghillie ! :)
If I were 100 feet away and I glanced in your direction. I would not have seen you. Looks very nice and color is fantastic.

But if I were you I would but some jute over your boots because they stick out like a sore thumb. ;)
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Make a mud pile, and stomp around in it. They'll be blended in pretty darn quick
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Okay guys, this is a easy question.
What will be the best base for my l96 to get onto ?
I've seen people putting some jute laps on the replica itself, for a base of camo!

SO , i was thinking: should i do this to ?
Because if you look at my ghillie, it will be a good idea.
But what do you guys think ? Gimmy your word :)
Cut long strips out of the burlap, and just sprial it around the rifle ;)
Cut long strips out of the burlap, and just sprial it around the rifle then Put rubber bands on, and just attach veg.
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