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Ghillie Suit Clothing Intro

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I am the owner of Ghillie Suit Clothing. I joined this forum because all I do every day is look at, build, pack and ship ghillie suits all day. I thought I would be able to help anyone who has questions about commercially made ghillie suits. One reason I started my store is because there was so little info out there a few years ago about store bought ones. All the pictures were of a guy in a ghillie suit in the woods. You couldn't see the material, thread, etc...

So if you have any questions about what a certain store bought ghillie is made of, how they are constructed or their durability, please just ask. I have put on probably 90% of the ghillie suits out there.
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Welcome, its really cool that you have been able to come into contact with almost every ghillie out there. Do you have a personal favorite commercial ghillie?

I saw that you were able to share some information in some of the other threads. Its always nice to get some people on here with some experience.
Hi Fuzzy, I apologize for not being on this forum in a while. We were slammed for Christmas. Seemed like every kid who played Call of Duty wanted a ghillie suit for Xmas.

IMO the best quality (materials and construction) ghillie suit is the Jackal. However many people don't buy it because it uses camo netting and flat strands of clothing. Most people want the jute thread type of ghillie suit because they feel it conceals better or its just what everyone else has If you are a hunter that is only hiding from animals or you have issues with stickers and twigs sticking to your ghillie suit, then try the Jackal.

The bushrag ghillie suit in jute or synthetic is a very good ghillie suit for the price. I would get any of the ones that have netting attached to them because you can add more thread, leaves, twigs and sticks. The cheaper ghillie suits under $100 have the thread just sewn on. You cannot do much to customize them.
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I saw the Jackal on another forum, and at first I was hesitant. Seemed like a ghillie that would not be very effective, but I got to see some in action photos, and must say, I am very impressed. Most likely a ghillie that I would only use in certain environments. Seems a bit too dark for my liking, but I can see it having a purpose in certain scenarios.
I don't think they do enough to market the ghillie suit. I will open up one and take some photos of it so you can see it's internal construction. I may be getting a desert/greenish one made later this year which will be lighter in color.
I really like that to be honest. Have been thinking about making something like that for a while now.

I am hoping that it comes in different colors and patterns?

Would love to see some pics of the differents suits, if possible, that would be great!
They used to make a desert and winter version of the Jackal but they are discontinued. I am trying to bring them back because I thought they were pretty cool.
Hey guys, I wanted to get your opinion. Would you guys buy a Jackal suit in the color like Multicam or ACU?
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