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Hi everyone

I was browsing around looking at ghillie suit materials, and stumbled on this site:

(That link is to the product I'm thinking of getting)

It looks like a decent deal, and would make my life a lot easier because I don't want to buy a pre-made ghillie, but I think getting all the materials would be a bit of a pain and I'm still really new to this. Also, after seeing the post about ghillie blankets, I'm considering doing that, and this kit would give me everything I need except an actual blanket.

Anyways, my main topics:

1. Any tips or advice on getting this vs. making it myself (advantages/disadvantages, if any)?

2. I was thinking of getting either "Leafy" or "Woodland"

I'd add pictures of where I play, but I can only figure out how to attach them (any help here would be appreciated

Anyways, any thoughts, advice, tips, etc?

Thanks :)
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