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I'd agree with gsc on a poncho over a blanket. I'm sure that many others can attest to this as well, but in my experience, playing airsoft sniper is quite different from the "real deal." I know that's a pretty obvious statement but what I mean is in airsoft you generally must;
1. Move more to get in range or out of sight.
2. Hide quickly and often not where you would prefer to.
3. Find a place that gives you a vantage point but isn't an obvious sniper spot.

What that means is, the chances of you finding a sweet spot to camp from are pretty slim and blankets are really only ideal for camping out. Something more mobile will allow you to get in a good spot, take your shots and re-locate. That's why I'm a big advocate of the "stalker suit" as opposed to a full ghillie or a ghillie blanket when it comes to airsoft snipin.

Also, in regards to cost, having made 6 full ghillies and maybe a dozen stalk suits, the cost of DIY over a kit such as that one is a bit less but with different materials. I'm a big fan of the Marine style ghillie with mixed burlap strips and jutte strings rather than the noodly Ghurka style of full jutte.

3 yards of burlap from your local fabric shop, a 10$ decorative fish net from the HobbyLobby next door, a 5-10$ set of BDU's from Goodwill and either Shoeglue or a leatherman's awl to sew on the netting is really all you need to get started. I've never spent more than 50$ on materials for even a full ghillie DIY. Just something to keep in mind.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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