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Ghillie Suit movement

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When wearing my Ghillie Suit I cant help but get frustrated with how many sticks get caught up in my suit, then I end up dragging behind an entire forrest with me by the time I am done! Is this something unavoidable? Or is there some way I can minimize the amount of sticks that get caught?
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Sticks are good.

Try making sure there are no knots in your ghillie, that will help.
I took out alot of the fluffy fibers from my suit using an old hairbrush. Those fibers are the ones that probably the ones that give you the problems. Are you using a full body stalk suit or a crawl suit?
It's a full body stalk suit (3 pc, hood, pants, torso)
Those who really understand the ghillie suit appreciate all the stuff the suit picks up. It just makes the suit more effective. The sticks don't bother you. You get yourself bothered by thinking about them. Put it out of your mind. Be in control.
Lol. Theres your problem
You could maybe trim the area around the lower legs and around the arms. But don't trim it evenly.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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