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Ghillie Suit Sniper picture competition

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Okay guys, here's anoher contest for you. Ghillie suit sniper picture competition. Rules are as follows:
Must be a pic of yourself in a ghillie suit .(having a spotter in a ghillie with you is also allowed)
Must be an action pic (i.e: no "see if you can spot me pics")
Post as many pictures as you like but you are limited to one entry post.
Real steel guns are not allowed.

Closing date will follow shortly.

Good luck and happy posting:tup:
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It's only one week time yet, I would suggest to do until the middle of next month.

Many have liabilities to work or family, and often do not attend the forum.
Seconded. How does the 15th of next month sound?

There is a possibility I will be able to post a ghillie pic but not for at least another week or so. I'm making a new one because my current one (my first one) looks like crap, almost literally. It won't be done for another week though and then I'd have to get a pic.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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