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Ghillie Suit Sniper picture competition

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Okay guys, here's anoher contest for you. Ghillie suit sniper picture competition. Rules are as follows:
Must be a pic of yourself in a ghillie suit .(having a spotter in a ghillie with you is also allowed)
Must be an action pic (i.e: no "see if you can spot me pics")
Post as many pictures as you like but you are limited to one entry post.
Real steel guns are not allowed.

Closing date will follow shortly.

Good luck and happy posting:tup:
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hahahahaha! very nice.
I think the 42mm is about where I like things to be in terms of scopes.
50mm and with sunshades just overpower the rifles in terms of looks.
Heads up, this contest will close at 3:00pm GMT tomorrow. Results will follow shortly after.
How will the winner be determined?

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How will the winner be determined?
My judge will pick what they think is the best two pictures and sends them to me though pm. I will then pic the best out of those two. However IF I believe that there are better pics than the two sent to me I will ask for two new ones to be sent to me.
Great entries by all! After some debate, it has been decided that the winner is Dulas.
Congrats Dulas and again thanks to everybody who posted and posted some great pics:D
Congratulations Dulas! I agree with this decision also! Great ghillie bro..:tup:
Congrats Dulas..!! You deserve it man.

Συγχαρητήρια φιλαρακι.... Σε εψαξα στο γνωστό δίκτυο κοινωνικής δικτύωσης!!


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Thank you all guys, it was a pleasant note for me after 18 hours on the job, While I can not move from tiredness.

Thank you again.
To fix it, if I remember correctly, it should be took about two weeks.
Every night when I come late from work.

It's a little heavy, but I appreciate it because in winter keeps me warm.
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