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I took my first ghillie out today for a full day game. I just want to give a few tips on not what to do when building a ghillie suit.

1. Use netting with 1cm holes if possible. This stops the barrel of your gun and other things getting caught in the netting. It also makes it harder for larger branches to get caught in it.

2. Don't cut out one big shape of netting for the front and one for the back. Do it in sections or else the ghillie will be tight.

3. Try make a two piece instead of a one piece as it is easier to maneuver in and you can wear a belt. I made it with a one piece. Which ripped all along the crotch and butt. It's camo-ed so it's ok and it also lets a breeze in. Still not preferable

4. Know your limits. If you get hot take a break. I got over-heated today and didn't stop and know have a headache even after drinking about 5L of water.

5. When applying the netting don't only use fishing line or only shoe glue (Unless it's really good glue). My netting's fishing line came off today on the backs of my legs. It can be fixed with glue.

6. Don't camo the front of your ghillie. Only the upper chest so you can cover your vest if necessary.

7. When making a ghille make sure that the BDUs you use are a size or two big for you. This allows you to wear a camelback or other gear underneath.

8. Don't over jute your ghillie. It won't blend in as well as it would with mother natures bounties. AKA always put on as much natural veg as possible.

9. Try muck up or camo your boots. Also don't have jute dangling waiting for you to trip up on.

10. Make a ghillie wrap for your gun but make sure to position the jute carefully because if you don't it will more than likely block your sight through your scope.

11. Watch what socks you wear just in case your lying down and you pants come up a bit.

12. Don't wear knew pads with your ghillie as all the crawling will break them. Sew or glue on leather patches on your elbow and knees.

13. If you can get some water proof spray and spray all the front of the ghillie. Trust me you won't regret this.

14. Pick the gear to wear with your ghillie carefully. Make sure it doesn't stick out. Don't bring too much or too little. Also watch what holster you use as you could lose your pistol with a belt one. (Happened to me once today)

15.You will sweat a lot so wear mesh goggles or a mesh face mask with goggles.

16. When done with ghillie don't go out and play with it. Break it in by covering it in wet muck and then cleaning it in a river. Repeat process several times.

Hope this helped anyone thinking about making a ghille. Hope this contributes to the board.

Have a nice day and remember fuzzy's sayings as well : "No one likes a clean ghillie"
And "Vegetation is gold"

Have a nice day! ;)

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When I said done with ghillie I meant when your done making it not playing in it.
Also yeah I havw camelback but I didn't bring it as I wanted to be fast that game.
I aemit to over juting and using the wrong netting.
Thats why I said use just shoe glue if your sure it's strong enough.
My game was yesterday and the marshall took a pic or two of me so I'll post them up when he puts them on facebook.
Btw I got 3 long range kills and one intermidiate range kill. The fella didn't take his hit though. Annoying sod with his 1k gun and Acog. Lol

Oh yeah, valid points fuzzy and awagg.
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