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Nice write up. Only critiques I have is that:
a. I haven't ever had problems with only shoe glue. It is very very strong. And I don't think many people have the patience or time to floss then shoe glue. And honestly, the only plusses with that IMO is the piece of mind you get.
b. Also, I'm also totally guilty of the "over jute-ing". Less is more because ten you can fill te ghillie up with vegitation. It should look slightly bare on the back and legs. However, I would say to go all out on the boonie, and fill that up with jute, because not that much veg. will be able to be put in there without you getting really annoyed.
c. Also, good point on the socks thing, I'll try and find some green or brown or other natural colored socks because white is easy to spot.

Nice article!
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