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Nice write up. I am guilty of a few of these mistakes as well. Part of the learning process.

4. Know your limits. If you get hot take a break. I got over-heated today and didn't stop and know have a headache even after drinking about 5L of water.
Bring water. Dehydration is a major problem when wearing a ghillie. Without water during those hot summer games, you are asking for some problems.

5. When applying the netting don't only use fishing line or only shoe glue (Unless it's really good glue). My netting's fishing line came off today on the backs of my legs. It can be fixed with glue.
I have done both only glue and floss + glue. Floss will come undone without the glue slapped over top of it. The shoe goo holds up well on its own, but floss will not.

8. Don't over jute your ghillie. It won't blend in as well as it would with mother natures bounties. AKA always put on as much natural veg as possible.
I removed some of my jute a few days ago, as I felt I had too much on my ghillie. Veg is gold, jute is only silver. Therefore, more veg, less jute.

11. Watch what socks you wear just in case your lying down and you pants come up a bit.
Try not to use white socks. Find some tan or green ones. Do not wear your little sister's pink fuzzy socks. You will be spotted and then laughed at.

15.You will sweat a lot so wear mesh goggles or a mesh face mask with goggles.
Or get a fan for your goggles.

16. When done with ghillie don't go out and play with it. Break it in by covering it in wet muck and then cleaning it in a river. Repeat process several times.
I did this as well. Had no time to wear it in. However, a worn in ghillie is a much more effective ghillie. Highly recommended to slap some dirt on it before using it for the first time.

Again, great tips. Very useful information.
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