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Ghillie Suits

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yea, post your ghillie here!!
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Thanks, the one were im laying in the dirt was crazy because I actually blend in somewhat just by testing it in dirt under the pine tree.
ive made plenty of gunwraps in my day, i dont oftenly keep them on the gun unless its nessesary. Fall is coming and i will usually keep it wrapped up.
I believe we were waiting for you to post yours.
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Ghillie suits are to break up the shape of a human, the leaves break up the solid lines of your body.

Looks good man, and with your tactics its deffinatly something you need.
Yeah man for sure, Ive been talking to Shane a little and Noah if you remember him. They still are playing and I'm thinking about making a 650fps setup for a game out there.
Your pics aren't working, and welcome to the forum mate.
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