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Ghillie Suits

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yea, post your ghillie here!!
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wow, great pics, will get mine up soon.
great idea, i will do that, just gotta find some free time.
any new pics?? Just dusting off this thread..
.......good point........ :-/
man, it looks great, what did you use?
so the yarn works good?? I was thinking of making a ghillie out of yarn. Is it trong, and does the "fuzz" come off? Thanks
Leaves sticking to the suit is a great thing! Don' t take the leaves off, it is important!!
well, you will have to let me know how the yarn works, it's a lot cheaper then the jute thread on both of mine.
how many leaves do you get, or is it like a pound or what?? It looks really good though.
wow, looks really nice, and so does your gun. Yea today i kind of customized a tripod for a real cheap telescope that was my brother's, and made it my umm tripod for my tanaka. Works great, and even folds up !! Yea, just had to throw that out there. And how do u attatch those leaves to ur ghillie, cause i think i might get some when i have money.
agreed...this is my all around ghillie though, or used to be, now it is being turned into a woodland only, and im making another ghillie based off of the webtex concealment vest that is meant more for dead grassland.
1 - 15 of 864 Posts