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Ghillie Suits

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yea, post your ghillie here!!
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And to make a barcode tattoo at the back of my head?
Nah.... I prefer my self that way!

When I looked at Wolf's pic, I thought, "Why is James Bond on ASF?"
Then I realized it was Wolf. Great pic.
Brilliant! Although, that's probably not what the people thought when they looked out their window and saw you! ;)
Jeez, Wolf. I knew you had fantastic guns but I didn't know you could impersonate James Bond with them. But I gotta say, that background looks like it came from a green screen. It just looks so out of place with the suit.

Out of curiosity, did you pose like that just for this pic, or was this for something else?
Thank you guys..

No I pose just for this pic, it was mid summer and pretty hot, I literally run down to change clothes! My wife took the shot and it was hard to keep my daughter out of the frame!
Also I had to be sneaky not the people below to see me with a gun at the top of the building!! We are not so used at the sight of gun and I didn't want to have problems!

The watch finishes the picture Wolf, great attention to detail =)
That is a sweet pic Wolf! I can only imagine what people would think if they saw you up there,hahaha..
LOL ...Yes all dressed up and holding a weird case!

I have a thing for automatic watches... This one is a Hamilton Railroad classic, I have a Omega Seamaster professional and the cheapest automatic of the market a Swatch Skeleton auto.


I just finished this yesterday. Working on a similar looking rife wrap. Any thoughts?

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Hello guys,

I post 2 pics of autumn :

The following 2 pics it is my light concelment vest (the volume is inferior to 1,5l bottle and the weight is inferior to 600gr).
The objective of this concelment is to be able to be use in the big parties (more 48 hours). His purpose it is to conceal me up : the camouflage can look like at the bottom of the forest, not on the ground.

Here my binom which takes his 60l bag, in Multicam, not 3D concealed, and my bag (the same) to the left with my concelment vest on the top.

And down, there are 2 pics of my "heavy" concealment made to conceal me on the ground. (The pants are no again made, the hood is not finishes either).

And always not natural vegetal was use :)

If you have any questions, I would try to answer

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My suit (work in progress)

Here is my suit I am still working on.

Here is one of me holding my rifle with just netting. Suit/test1.jpg

For the rifle I will be letting the netting hang over the sides which will be filled with jute and veg, and a long tail past the butt which will be used as a veil if needed. I also have a new scope which is being painted right now.

If you want to see the rifle paint job here is a picture of that..

The suit is an authentic ghillie suit worn by a Marine sniper in Desert Storm. BDU is by Propper and the suit has been made beautifully. As you can tell in the pictures I have not added any vegetation yet. The boonie is an ACU pattern I believe made by Rotcho and I did that myself. I will be doing the rifle in a day or two and will update once that is done.

After taking the pictures I walked down the street (2am).. I only saw one car pass me head on.. I'm assuming they saw me (or my silhouette) because they swerved about 50 feet in front of me.. I live in WA - maybe they thought they saw bigfoot and got scared?

Here are a few more pictures - Suit


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Here is a good picture to show the front side

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Looks good... What did you use for padding?

Nice ghillie!
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