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Ghillie Suits

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yea, post your ghillie here!!
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It all depends on the yarn I think,I havent had any problems with it yet.I get alot of extra "Real" leaves that stick to me lol.I dont mind that though,I think it could help more than anything.I dont think the yarn I used is very fuzzy either .here is a link I found for ghillies.I also read that the best stuff to use other that burlap is juke string .I dont know what that is but I will look for some to see
Leaves sticking to the suit is a great thing! Don' t take the leaves off, it is important!!
well, you will have to let me know how the yarn works, it's a lot cheaper then the jute thread on both of mine.
Ghillie suits are to break up the shape of a human, the leaves break up the solid lines of your body.

Looks good man, and with your tactics its deffinatly something you need.
I will be starting my construction tomorow.
Just had a good rain and the burlap I'm gonna use has been getting weathered for the last 2 months now.
I have plenty of netting and burlap along with glue and thick thread.
I'm also gonna implement some of yalls ideas to try to make it better.
I'm also gonna stop by BassPro and buy the fake leaves.
I'll take pics of the whole process of the construction.
This is my first attempt of a guillie suit so don't expect miracles
how many leaves do you get, or is it like a pound or what?? It looks really good though.
Not sure yet I just started to sew the net on and its killing my back.
This is gonna take a while. Pics will be posted showing the steps and final product.
Well... I didn't make my ghillie, but I'll put pics up when I get back home (I'm in Alabama for a week) I got this - 75& It Seems to work pretty nice for me
I'm new at sniping (after going through a gaggle of guns I finally found something I like), and just decided to take a few backyard pics of my setup thus far. Still awaiting various items i.e. bipod to arrive along with burlap ghillie and such. Without further ado...

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Right on bro! that looks real good too! I also use the fake leaf things they work great dont they?
wow, looks really nice, and so does your gun. Yea today i kind of customized a tripod for a real cheap telescope that was my brother's, and made it my umm tripod for my tanaka. Works great, and even folds up !! Yea, just had to throw that out there. And how do u attatch those leaves to ur ghillie, cause i think i might get some when i have money.
I'll go ahead and resurrect this thread.

This is my newly acquired ghille suit, not the best construction, but I will be adding to it, and eventually sewing it to my ACUs. It works very well, and I spray paint it for change of environments. It tends to get a lot of stuff caught to it, which helps a lot. But enough rambling, enjoy.

I stuck to the ridges during this OP, so it worked perfectly except in most of the valley.
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ive got a handmade suit that i built for sniper school. i'll get it up for you guys asap. new computer wouldnt let me upload it.
This is my home made ghillie suit. i decided to make it out of cheese cloth instead of burlap becuse it is lighter and already looks weathered.

I just took some quick back yard pics. The ghillie is almost done now, just have to add vegie loops for adding on follige and put more around the waste and arms. My gun also got a new ghillie. (never mind the MP5)
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ha, nice work. i like the idea of the cheesecloth. looks good.
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